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washers public safety officials

Washers for Public Safety was established in 2010 by three officers with the City of St. Charles Ranger Division. These officers have seen first hand families who have lost loved one’s in the line of duty or been left financially and emotionally devastated after an unforeseen injury or illness. By supporting Washers for Public Safety, you can help those who have helped others. Washers for Public Safety is an organization that local public safety officials, and their families, can count on in the event of a traumatic injury or death.

Washers for Public Safety, being a non-profit organization, has a goal is to provide citizens a way to help support those who, without hesitation, put their lives on the line day in and day out. Washers for Public Safety will provide assistance to public safety officials (and their families) through fundraisers and donations.

For more information on Washers for Public Safety, please feel free to fill out the Contact Us form and someone will be in touch with very soon.

We invite you to visit our sponsors website by clicking on their logo.  We are very appreciative of their support and ask that you support them when possible.